Types of software testing

Hola !! In today’s post we are going to have a look at types of testing 1.Compatibility testing In today’s world , we have multiple devices , many flavours of operating systems and n number of dependent softwares to use one software. Behaviour of software application may differ depending on these factors. Compatability testing isContinue reading “Types of software testing”

Software testing : Approaches and levels

Today I am going to talk about approaches and levels of software testing Testing aims to examine multiple facets of quality.There are two main approaches to test the software ie. Black box and White box testing 1.Black box testing Software product is evaluated in the context of business or user requirements using black box testingContinue reading “Software testing : Approaches and levels”

Introduction to software testing

Hello folks In today’s blog post , I am going to tell you about software testing basics.  What is software testing? Primary goal of software testing is to find out defects in the context of requirements. Software testing is a broad spectrum planned activity conducted by Quality Analysis team which includes quality assurance and qualityContinue reading “Introduction to software testing”