लहानपणापासून माझ्यावर माहेरी अनेक संस्कार झाले. त्या अनेक संस्कारांपैकी एक संस्कार असा होता के ताटली चाटायची नाही, खरकटे लावायचे नाही इकडे तिकडे वगैरे वगैरे. मला तर स्वतःला ताटली चाटायला खूपच आवडायची. पण उद्या सासरी गेल्यावर सासू खूप रागवेल. सासरी या गोष्टीवरून हेच तुझ्या आईवडिलांनी शिकवलं का असे ऐकावे लागेल. असे मला सुनावले जायचे.

एकूण काय तर सासरी खूप जपून राहावे लागते. सासू-सासऱ्यांचा मान ठेवावा लागतो. त्यांचे समोर नीट वागावे लागते. व कुठल्याही प्रकारच्या वाईट गोष्टी करायच्या नाहीत. असाच व अशा अनेक प्रकारचे संस्कार माझ्यावर झाले होते.

माझे लग्न उशिरा झाले. त्यामुळे माझ्यातील वाईट संस्कार किंवा माझ्यातील वाईट गोष्टी कशा सोडायच्या हा एक माझ्यासमोर क्लिष्ट प्रश्न होता.

सासरी गेल्यावर एकदा आम्ही सगळे एकत्र जेवायला बसलो होतो. सगळ्यांचे जेवण संपले. मी व माझे सासरे आम्हा दोघांचे जेवण थोडसं राहिल्यामुळे मागे राहिले होतो. आमचे थोडेसे जेवण शिल्लक होते. त्यावेळी सासूबाईंनी दहिभात वाढलेला होता. दही भात खाताना मला राहून राहून ताटली चाटावी असे वाटू लागले. परंतु हे वागणे म्हणजे सर्वांच्या रोषाला आमंत्रण देणे होय अशी पण मनात भीती होती. आणि म्हणून मी ताटली हाताच्या बोटांनी शांतपणे स्वच्छ करायचा प्रयत्न करत होते. एवढ्यात सासर्‍यांनी त्यांची ताटली उचलली व चाटली. बापरे मी बघतच राहिले मी बाबांना विचारले “आपल्याकडे ताटली चाटली तर चालते का?” ते म्हणाले आपल्याला वाटलं तर चाटायची? त्यात काय विशेष?

आणि अशा पद्धतीने माझ्यावर झालेला एक संस्कार पुसला गेला.


What if I was my favourite animal?

— Mukta Kulkarni (7-July-2020)

One day when I woke up, I was a Leopard! I was surprised. On my body, I had black spots and I had a long tail. I went to drink milk, but I could not drink it as I did not have fingers. I had paws. So, I had to lap the milk. Then I went out and was again surprised as I saw animals were humans and we were our favourite animals.

After that I went to the park. I saw my friend was a cat! I went to her and told her what had happened. She also told me the same. As we were talking my three friends came. When I saw them, I laughed. My first friend was a monkey. The second was a dog and third was a lion like Simba. We told each other what had happened and then played ‘Catch Catch’. I was the denner in the game. As I was a leopard, I could run very fast and caught everyone in no time.

Suddenly I felt someone pushing me. Then I woke up with a start. I saw my mom waking me for school. I saw myself. I was a human. Even if it was a dream, I had a lot of fun being a leopard.


The Lost Cub

— Mukta Kulkarni (7-July-2020)

Once upon a time there used to live a mother Cheetah and her cub in the jungle. One day while the mother Cheetah was out in the forest wondering for food, that time her baby cub saw a butterfly and started chasing it. He did not understand, but till then he came to the nearby village and then he got lost. The butterfly off course escaped, but the baby cub started running here and there throughout the village. Before anyone could see him, he jumped into a barrel of brown colour. When he came up, he looked like a dog. So, wherever he would go no one would get frightened as he was looking like a dog. After some time, it started raining. The hungry lost cub ran to find shelter from here to there. Before his paint could go away a small girl saw him and told him, “Come here, come with me. I will give you some food and shelter”. The small cub came with her. She sheltered him for the night and gave him food to eat.

In the morning the mother Cheetah in the den was searching for her baby. She started smelling for her cub. She understood he was in the village. After a while everyone was playing with the dog because now everyone knew that the dog meant no harm to anyone and the dog was not a street dog. So, what happened is while playing, one of them tried to feed him dog food. But as the cub was a Cheetah’s small baby, not a dog, he refused to eat the dog food. After a while people got confused and offered him to eat some dog bones. But he did not eat. He only wanted meat. That is why one wise person of the village came and looked at him. He understood that it was not a dog.

After a while he asked someone to sprinkle water over him. After he sprinkled water over him, they were shocked to see that he was a Cheetah’s cub. That time the wise man started calming the girl and everyone. He said that it has done no harm to the girl. What harm will he bring to us elders? People agreed and started calling for its mother. After a while, the mother reached the village. The cub saw his mother and ran towards her. When the girl and the elders of the village understood that they meant no harm, they gave them lot of meat to eat. After that the baby cub went home and lived happily with his mother.

People went into the forest to visit them every time.


Balulu The Balloon Man

— Mukta Kulkarni (11-July-2020)

Once upon a time there was a village, where people used to live in peace and harmony. In the village, there lived a child called Balulu who was very funny. He had a body, but his head was a balloon! He had a tall balloon head, which was weird. He had two small eyes with a smile on his face. People used to tease him for being like that.

One day while he was walking outside to go to a nearby shop to purchase something, that time the wind blew extremely fast and as he was a balloon head, he flew up. When the air slowed, he came down again. That time four people were walking there and started making fun of him. They said that NaNanaNaaNa…….. “You are a balloon man so you will never succeed in being on the ground for all the time”. Sad, the Balloon man Balulu ran away. Balulu came to the shop. He purchased some things and went home and slept.

The next day he saw the news was showing that the village was going to have a thunderstorm and it will be flooded after some days. So Balulu kept a warning and did not step out of his home as he was a balloon and may would fly away. But then the day came of the flood. The villagers who had forgotten about that were walking in the street and the flood came. Water flowed everywhere and the villagers, those who could not swim started screaming for help. That time Balulu the Balloon man understood it and ran out to save the villagers life. He could fly because of the wind as there was a lot of wind. So, he flew and took the villagers in his house. Like that he saved everyone. Everyone praised him for his work. For some days Balulu sheltered them at his home and after when the flood cleared all the villagers went home. The rest people who had teased him before, apologised to him and Balulu who always was a good man smiled at them and forgive them immediately. After that Balulu became everyone’s hero.



आज मला
जरा निवांत झोपूद्या

बंद खोलीत
उघड्या खिडकीतून
ताऱ्यांशी बोलूद्या
आज मला जरा निवांत झोपूद्या

पांघरलेल्या चुकांना
हळूच डोकावून बघुद्या
आज मला जरा निवांत झोपूद्या

उद्या पळू कि परत, शोधायला !!
माझं काय आणि कोण
आज फक्त बसुद्या
जरा… निवांत झोपूद्या
जरा निवांत झोपूद्या

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General Topic Information Technology Software Testing

Test Automation – How Selenium WebDriver works?

Welcome to brand new series on Test automation with Selenium. In this series, we will have a look at how we can automate testing of web application with Selenium.

Selenium is popular open source test automation tool. With Selenium, we can automate test scenarios related to black box testing, compatability testing, system testing, api testing, and regression testing.

Selenium Project has 3 flavours Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Grid. Out of which WebDriver API is very popular in automation.Today I am going to focus on Selenium WebDriver.

How Selenium WebDriver works ?

Using WebDriver, we can drive browser and perform actions like Click, Open URL, Enter text, take screenshot etc.Typical test automation utilizes WebDriver API, language specific driver bindings, and test framework.

WebDriver does not directly interact with browser. Then how does WebDriver communicates with browser? It follows simple client server way of interaction. A proxy driver server sits between the client automation script in Java,Python, C# etc and browser. It is specific to the browser, such as ChromeDriver for Google’s Chrome, GeckoDriver for Mozilla’s Firefox, etc.

To run WebDriver script on chrome browser, we need to first start the ChromeDriver server by instantiating particular driver class.

using (IWebDriver driver= new ChromeDriver())

{ }

Then driver server launches the Chrome browser and starts listening on a particular port Listening on the port refers to accepting HTTP request which can be GET,POST etc.

For every selenium command, WebDriver creates a HTTP request and sends the request to the proxy driver server. All steps to be executed on browser are interpreted and executed by proxy driver server. It receives and sends back response from browser to client automation scripts.

For Ex : driver.Navigate().GoToUrl(““);

Above command opens up specified Url in browser.

WebDriver uses JSON wire protocol for communicating between client and proxy driver server.

Test execution is facilitated by testing frameworks like NUnit, JUnit, MSTest etc. Testing framework provide features like test annotations, assertions which makes test automation easier.

For Ex : In NUnit, [Test] annotation marks method in test class to be executed as test

In NUnit, Assert class provides many methods to compare and verify test outputs

For Ex : Assert.AreEqual(link.Displayed, true);

Below is sample code assembled together to help you say Hello to Selenium 🙂

using System;
using NUnit.Framework;
using OpenQA.Selenium;
using OpenQA.Selenium.Chrome;
namespace SampleTest
public class HelloSelenium

private const string HomeUrl = “”;

public void LoadApp()
using (IWebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver())

Thread.Sleep(3000); driver.quit()’




Hope this post will help you to get started with Selenium webdriver Next time , we will explore some interesting scripts in selenium test automation

Till then, keep testing Keep sharing

General Topic Information Technology Software Testing

Test cycle

Hello and Namaste…………Welcome to yet another post for software testing. In this post, we are going to know about how a typical test cycle functions.

After software requirements are understood and analysed well, developers write code. When development is completed, software developed is released to QA team for testing. A software is released as “build”. Build refers to process in which programs are compiled together to make tangible software component or product so that it can be tested for functional and non functional requirements.

A typical functional test cycle consists of smoke testing,testing change requests, regression testing, ad hoc testing, and retesting if applicable.

Smoke testing : Whenever software build with new features or enhancements or bug fixes is released, build is validated for critical functionality of application . If smoke scenarios aka critical functionality of application is working, then smoke test status is said to be pass and build is accepted for further QA examination. Otherwise if build fails smoke test is fail and build is rejected

Regression testting : In regression testing , software components influenced by new changes or features are tested in detail. Impact area is determined by scope of changes done. If changes done are limited to few components, then only relevant modules are tested otherwise whole system is tested to verify wheather changes done have affected any other functionality

Ad hoc testing : Ad hoc testing validates system in general. End to end scenarios are tetsed across application without focusing on any particular feature or module. Ad hoc testing is preferred if test cycle has limited time and impact of new changes is less

Retesting : Retesting of fixed issues is carried out for any of bug fixed and given for QA verification

General Topic

General Topic

Open Letter to Irrfan

Dear Irrfan,

What is success, stardom and fame ? Is it so unobtainable that there is a sense of invincibility attached to it. In a country like India where we worship our stars, came a man with a tinkering hope and a beacon of light that showed us that success is bound to hardwork and discipline.

Playing a Cab driver in Piku one of my favorite films you just showed the world that everyone has to sort their own problems. I reluctantly agreed to watch Paan Singh as I was tired of the zillion sports films that bollywood churns every year, but to my pleasent surprise your army officer turned sports person turned bandit king tragic story brought chills to my spine, I wonder if anybody else would have picked up this script.

You are not my most favorite actor because my criteria are wrong, I keep on looking at the sky when I should have known that the true star was always nearby. Gone too soon. But as Pi you only said, “The whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye”

Yours Truly,