What if I was my favourite animal?

— Mukta Kulkarni (7-July-2020)

One day when I woke up, I was a Leopard! I was surprised. On my body, I had black spots and I had a long tail. I went to drink milk, but I could not drink it as I did not have fingers. I had paws. So, I had to lap the milk. Then I went out and was again surprised as I saw animals were humans and we were our favourite animals.

After that I went to the park. I saw my friend was a cat! I went to her and told her what had happened. She also told me the same. As we were talking my three friends came. When I saw them, I laughed. My first friend was a monkey. The second was a dog and third was a lion like Simba. We told each other what had happened and then played ‘Catch Catch’. I was the denner in the game. As I was a leopard, I could run very fast and caught everyone in no time.

Suddenly I felt someone pushing me. Then I woke up with a start. I saw my mom waking me for school. I saw myself. I was a human. Even if it was a dream, I had a lot of fun being a leopard.

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