The Lost Cub

— Mukta Kulkarni (7-July-2020)

Once upon a time there used to live a mother Cheetah and her cub in the jungle. One day while the mother Cheetah was out in the forest wondering for food, that time her baby cub saw a butterfly and started chasing it. He did not understand, but till then he came to the nearby village and then he got lost. The butterfly off course escaped, but the baby cub started running here and there throughout the village. Before anyone could see him, he jumped into a barrel of brown colour. When he came up, he looked like a dog. So, wherever he would go no one would get frightened as he was looking like a dog. After some time, it started raining. The hungry lost cub ran to find shelter from here to there. Before his paint could go away a small girl saw him and told him, “Come here, come with me. I will give you some food and shelter”. The small cub came with her. She sheltered him for the night and gave him food to eat.

In the morning the mother Cheetah in the den was searching for her baby. She started smelling for her cub. She understood he was in the village. After a while everyone was playing with the dog because now everyone knew that the dog meant no harm to anyone and the dog was not a street dog. So, what happened is while playing, one of them tried to feed him dog food. But as the cub was a Cheetah’s small baby, not a dog, he refused to eat the dog food. After a while people got confused and offered him to eat some dog bones. But he did not eat. He only wanted meat. That is why one wise person of the village came and looked at him. He understood that it was not a dog.

After a while he asked someone to sprinkle water over him. After he sprinkled water over him, they were shocked to see that he was a Cheetah’s cub. That time the wise man started calming the girl and everyone. He said that it has done no harm to the girl. What harm will he bring to us elders? People agreed and started calling for its mother. After a while, the mother reached the village. The cub saw his mother and ran towards her. When the girl and the elders of the village understood that they meant no harm, they gave them lot of meat to eat. After that the baby cub went home and lived happily with his mother.

People went into the forest to visit them every time.

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