Balulu The Balloon Man

— Mukta Kulkarni (11-July-2020)

Once upon a time there was a village, where people used to live in peace and harmony. In the village, there lived a child called Balulu who was very funny. He had a body, but his head was a balloon! He had a tall balloon head, which was weird. He had two small eyes with a smile on his face. People used to tease him for being like that.

One day while he was walking outside to go to a nearby shop to purchase something, that time the wind blew extremely fast and as he was a balloon head, he flew up. When the air slowed, he came down again. That time four people were walking there and started making fun of him. They said that NaNanaNaaNa…….. “You are a balloon man so you will never succeed in being on the ground for all the time”. Sad, the Balloon man Balulu ran away. Balulu came to the shop. He purchased some things and went home and slept.

The next day he saw the news was showing that the village was going to have a thunderstorm and it will be flooded after some days. So Balulu kept a warning and did not step out of his home as he was a balloon and may would fly away. But then the day came of the flood. The villagers who had forgotten about that were walking in the street and the flood came. Water flowed everywhere and the villagers, those who could not swim started screaming for help. That time Balulu the Balloon man understood it and ran out to save the villagers life. He could fly because of the wind as there was a lot of wind. So, he flew and took the villagers in his house. Like that he saved everyone. Everyone praised him for his work. For some days Balulu sheltered them at his home and after when the flood cleared all the villagers went home. The rest people who had teased him before, apologised to him and Balulu who always was a good man smiled at them and forgive them immediately. After that Balulu became everyone’s hero.

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