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Open Letter to Irrfan

Dear Irrfan,

What is success, stardom and fame ? Is it so unobtainable that there is a sense of invincibility attached to it. In a country like India where we worship our stars, came a man with a tinkering hope and a beacon of light that showed us that success is bound to hardwork and discipline.

Playing a Cab driver in Piku one of my favorite films you just showed the world that everyone has to sort their own problems. I reluctantly agreed to watch Paan Singh as I was tired of the zillion sports films that bollywood churns every year, but to my pleasent surprise your army officer turned sports person turned bandit king tragic story brought chills to my spine, I wonder if anybody else would have picked up this script.

You are not my most favorite actor because my criteria are wrong, I keep on looking at the sky when I should have known that the true star was always nearby. Gone too soon. But as Pi you only said, “The whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye”

Yours Truly,

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