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Till now we learned about working with Japanese, Japanese translation and interpretation techniques. Now the time has come to know about their country, the land where sun rises first.

When we speak a word JAPAN, our imagination restricts to short height, hardworking people, sumo wrestlers and one of the developed country, for seniors it might be movie “Love in Tokyo” … but it is not only that. NIPPON日本 known to world as “JAPAN” is land of rising sun. A beautiful country with warm people having a very high standard of living, highly developed country with all advanced technologies, everything which today’s gen is looking for.

Glimpses of Japan:

1)      Japanese language is written in 3 basic scripts; Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji. Native Japanese script Hiragana and Katakana are 46 characters each, while 2000 kanji simplified from Chinese characters are also in common use in Japan. Kanji can be read in two ways: The Chinese way, onyomi (音読み), and the Japanese way, kunyomi (訓読み).

Generally, in Japan newspaper, magazines, comics are written vertically from right to left.

2)      Yen is the currency of Japan. Our finance guys might be aware it is 3rd strongest currency in foreign exchange trade followed by Dollar and Euro.

3)      Earlier TOKYO TOWER (333m height) was tallest tower in Japan, but now it’s SKYTREE (634m height) tallest tower in world (I visited TOKYO TOWER in 2009 and SKYTREE in 2013 😃).

4)      Did you ever hear a highway passing from building? Yes, it’s in Osaka. 5th, 6th, 7th floor of 16F building are blocked as highway is passing from that building. Gate Tower Building, is the first building to have a highway pass through it (I once got chance to pass through this highway. Structure is out of imagination 😃).

5)      Kobe bridge is the longest bridge (it has the longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world…source Wikipedia)

6)      Sakura(桜) national flower of Japan blossom from March end till April end, period varies by region and weather. The blossom is only for 2-3 days and generally Japanese celebrate those 2-3 days as cherry blossom viewing party (hanami 花見). Japanese are especially fond of this flower. Hence, the Sakura tree is planted nationwide. Sakura flower is stamped on 100-yen coin. Also, Sakura is printed on traditional Japanese textile. Not only that but “Sakura-sakura” is the well-known Japanese song taught in elementary school.

7)      Mount Fuji 3,776m tall. Japanese believe that if you are lucky you climb mount Fuji at least once in your life. (I have been to Japan for several times; visited various places and monuments but still not got chance to climb mount FUJI 😞).

8)      Where can you see 7 wonders of the world at one place? It’s in Tobu World Square, Tochigi. Replica of 7 wonders and famous sculptures are displayed in this theme park. (I once visited Tobu World Square, but due to time constraint I could see only few of them).

9)      Premium Friday concept: As Japanese people are hard workers and due to tremendous work pressure suicide percentage is also high in Japan, so recently the Japanese Government has introduced a concept called “Premium Friday”, which is last Friday of every month. In this, companies encourage employees to end work by 3:00pm and start weekend early for enjoying with family and friends.

10)   National sport: Sumo, national flower: Cherry blossom (Sakura), national fruit: Kaki, two top-ranking universities in Japan: University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, famous Japanese food: sushi, tempura, ramen, udon, soba, miso soup, yakitori, okonomiyaki, kare raisu (curry with rice), onigiri, gyudon, katsudon, green tea.

Actually there is lot more to say 😃…

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