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Hello There,

Welcome to my series of blog posts to help you get started with blogging quickly. Hope this is useful to you.

Note : This is a primer for blogging beginners. If you are an advance user you can skip this blog and register your email to get notified when I publish new posts.

Step 1 : Login to your WordPress blog.

1. Access WordPress URL ( in a browser. Home page for WordPress website is displayed(Refer the screenshot below).

2. Click on the Log In link in the top left corner.

3. Log in page is displayed. 

4. If you already have WordPress account, then login using WordPress credentials. To login , enter Email or username for WordPress account and click on continue button. Enter password and click on Log in button. After you are logged in, home page is displayed as below :

5. If you do not have registered WordPress account , then create new account using Sign Up link as mentioned below. If you already have WordPress account, just skip steps below and go to Step 2 : Let’s write your first blog

1.On Log in page, Click on Sign Up link.

Registration page is displayed.

2. Enter your email address (For ex : Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc) , username and password of your choice.You can review Terms of service by WordPress by clicking on Terms of service It is an optional step.Click on Create your account button After you are logged in, home page is displayed

3. You can also login using your Gmail or Apple Id also. To Login with Google , click on Continue with Google button. Sign In with Google prompt is displayed. Enter registered Google Email Id and corresponding password.  Home page for a blog is displayed.Apple Id is account registered to avail Apple services for Apple Devices.

6. Log In page also displays below links :

Email me a login Link : When we click on link, an email is sent to our email account to login instantly without entering password.

Lost your password : Forgotten password can be reset using this link.

Step 2 : Let’s write your first blog

Congratulations and thanks for following up with me so far. You have successfully logged into your WordPress account.

1.After you are logged in  , click on My site Link.

  Dashboard page is displayed.

2.Click on (+)Write button on page header.Editor to enter content of post is displayed.

Below is default WordPress editor

WordPress has two editor options.

1.Classic editor

2.New WordPress editor

By default,New WordPress editor is displayed which provides advanced features for content creation and organization. It provides different block types which can be edited independently.Block can be considered as single unit in which can type our content or other media.We can find more information about editors in WordPress support documentation

Any block can be converted to Classic block by clicking keyboard icon for a block as shown below :

We can switch to classic editor by selecting More tools and options >> Views >>Switch to classic Editor from option menu. Settings menu is displayed as three dots in top right corner

3.You can type content in editor, select Category for your blog post and also give tag in settings tab. Tag reflects key ideas in blog post and category helps us to organise our blog post in blog archives

5.You can preview content before publishing by clicking on preview button in settings

6.You can post finalised content to blog by clicking on Publish button in Settings.

And Bingo……Your first blog post is ready

Go ahead and post your first blog post Happy Blogging

Feel free to ask me any questions


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